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    About Fat TV

    Meet Dellany & KTEE

  • What Is Fat TV World:

    Fat TV World is a one-stop internet shop for people who want to see original content by all types of creators & artists who've in the past have had difficulty being seen in their creative fields. If you've ever been discriminated against because of your size, your skin color, your ethnicity, your gender, personal sexual orientation or your special & unique abilities.... Fat TV World is for you! Fat TV World is a safe space & place where you can finally see your representation via of entertainment & storytelling.

    How They Met:

    Dellany & KTEE met in the middle of the lingerie department-- let's back up a little-- KTEE was set to direct Dellany for a body-positive themed commercial where Dellany was to be featured in said commercial wearing a bra. They met in the middle of the bra section of a department store where Dellany said to KTEE, "Hi I'm Dellany Peace. So nice to meet you!". KTEE responded by handing 3 different black bras into Dellany's hands saying, "Try these on". Right there, a unique bond formed.

    How They Got The Idea Of Fat TV World: 

    After the successful collaboration of making the commercial, KTEE & Dellany started meeting up with each other to see what creative projects they could work on next together. They knew they wanted to work together, they just didn't know on what. After getting to know each other better, talking about their many artistic similarities, especially their viewpoints in regards to blatant fatphobia in Hollywood and how society is heavily affected by film/tv/media, KTEE & Dellany had their 'a-ha moment'. They set out to be the Netflix of marginalized voices. To give these specific voices the opportunity to tell their stories on an original never been done platform.