• "She's Too Fat" Digital Series

    Truth is stranger than FATion

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    Created By Dellany Towne Peace

    SHE’S TOO FAT follows a plus-size actress down the Hollywood rabbit-hole of institutionalized fat-shaming, horrific double-standards, and the male gaze to unexpected, you-can’t-make-this-up results.

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    Meet Delanie!

  • #ShesTooFat Episodes

    Season 1

    Episode 1


    Following a series of rejections, Delanie finally gets an agent who’s a little too honest.

    Episode 2

    Stop Trying To Fit In With The Fat Gurls

    Delanie runs into her frenemy at a casting office, and the plus-size competition gets heated.

    Episode 3

    But You Have Such A Pretty Face


    Backstage during intermission, Delanie is confronted by her male cast-mates who mansplain to her how she can be more attractive.

    Episode 4

    Model Curves Not Fat Curves

    At a yogurt audition, Delanie gets raked over the coals because she no longer looks like her head shot.

    Episode 5

    Lose 50 Pounds


    Delanie falls through looking glass of rejection and can't find her way out.

    Episode 6

    Fat Bitch

    Pushed to the limit by two drunk misogynists, Delanie reaches deep inside to discover something bigger fighting to get out.

  • Producers

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    Dellany Towne Peace

    Executive Producer/Writer

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    Katheryne KTEE Thomas


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